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Our Product

The FFS film manufacturing process involves two stages:

Extrusion: the pre-mixed resin is transformed in tubular film by a blow extruder.

Printing: the extruded film is printed by rotogravure, passes thru gusseting and embossing procedures and is finally rewinded.

The FFS film is customized on the following characteristic:

-Film width
-Gusset width
-Film color
-Quantity of printing colors
-Maximum and minimum diameter of the reel
-Internal and external diameter for the supporting tube

The film is supplied in reels, packed in carton and stretch film. Iron or wood pallets support the reels, each with a diameter of about 1,400mm and weighing around 360kg. A 40 ft container can carry between 14 and 22 tons of film, depending on the reel diameter. A 12 ton truck carries about 9 tons of film and a 24.5 ton one carries 18 tons.

Each shipment is accompanied by a Technical Quality Certificate, recording the main data verified for that lot.